our collection

The “Pod Collection” of jewellery is made using actual pods, seeds and grasses collected by Lucinda. Each pod is burned up in the casting process, making every single piece of jewellery unique. No two will ever be the same. As a result of this, there will be some variation in sizes, although we try at all times to match up similar sized pods/grasses for the Earring collection. Natural imperfections of the pods and grasses are retained and, we believe, enhance their natural beauty.

In the ‘Shell Collection”, all the jewellery is made from shells found on various beaches around the world by Lucinda. They are then turned into moulds and are cast using the lost wax method, making each piece totally original. Because the jewellery is made from actual shells, there may be small natural markings and imperfections which are left by the artist to retain their authenticity.

Some of the Silver pieces are combined with freshwater pearls or small semi-precious stones whilst others come in either plain Sterling silver or bronze.